Friday, 26 March 2010

Can't sleep before 1st event of the season

Well! Here it is, my first ever blog and guess when I'm writing this down, Yip! it's 12:30am Sat and I can't sleep.

It's crazy! I've been doing the craft circut for many years now and still when it's the first of the season I can't sleep. I keep thinking about what I have or haven't packed, what if this and what if that. No matter how many check lists I have the chances are I'll forget them let alone anything else. Earlier I thought I had everything in the van when I walked into the kitchen only to see my bag contining my mini till, card terminal & cash float sitting laughing at me!!! It's not uncommon for me to leave something behind at an event either, usually my banner.

I'm off to Hawick tomorrow leaving around 6am for a 9am kick off. I've been doing this event for a good few years now Hawick Border Reivers and enjoy it very much, it's cold and a long day on your feet in the open.

Below is a couple of photos during the event. As far as jewellery sales go, not great but fun to do. Having said that my chainmaille does do well in relation to most places.

Reivers Festival 2009

My stand was to the right of this photo, I was in costume but not photographed........Snifff, perhaps this year I'll take my own photos. The re-enactors were a lovely and talkative bunch.

Reivers Festival 2009

Reivers Festival

After the days events there is also a torchlight procession but we've never managed to see it, by the time we pack up and load the van, we are so tired that we only want to get home and relax, some year I will stay behind and watch.

Well! it's 1:05 now and I must get some sleep before getting back up in oh!!! about 4 hours time.


niftyknits said...

This looked such fun - I'd really have liked to see more photos and hear more about the event.

averilpam said...

that looks like a really fun event. This time take a photo of your stand and post it for us?

Gnomead said...

Looks like a great day. Hope you managed to get some sleep!

Kellie said...

just droppin in from Folksy to say hi and show some support
gorgeous photos!

Bonnta Moaby said...

wow that looks so much, and every one looks great, would be great to see your stall in action